The Stockdales


David & Cathy Stockdale

The owners and operators!


Steven, Kelsey
Harriet, Oliver

Currently pursuing off the farm careers


Cameron, Emily,

Currently run their own operation, Emerhill Jerseys


Brett & Erin
Kaylee, Ian, Avery, Owen

The next generation of Embrdale



Currently pursing a career as a nurse

Embrdale began in 1947 with the initials of Earl and Ferna May Stockdale, followed by their sons Brian and Robert to create the ‘Embr’ in Embrdale. Once Earl retired, Robert operated Embrdale farm with his wife Laura and sons. Today, David and his wife Cathy are the sole owners of Embrdale Farm, running the operation with their children Steven, Cameron, Brett and Rebecca. Kelsey, Emily and Erin have joined in the family operation being the wives of their sons.

Embrdale is a 1999 and 2016 Master Breeder Herd that also won the 2010 and 2017 Farm Family of the Year. They have sold cows locally, provincially, nationally and internationally as well as participated in shows that have resulted in high standing awards with their cattle. In February 2023, Embrdale started a new venture, moving into a newly built barn with GEA robots.

Embrdale farm has had purebred Holsteins since it began, striving for high quality lifetime production cows and longevity coming from the strong cow families that originated at Embrdale. Over 50% of the herd today is related to four cows that were bred, born and raised at Embrdale and have continued to show their high quality genetics through their lineages. To learn more about our cow families and the cows that we are proud of today, please visit the ‘Cows’ page.