Embrdale Fizzle Millenium

Dam: Embrdale Tequila Dundee EX-90

DOB: Sept.3rd, 2015

Brett’s 2016 4-H Calf
– Peterborough Exhibition: 7th-open, 5th-4-H
– Peterborough County: 3rd-County, 2nd- 4-H
– Autumn Opportunity: 13th-open, 4th- 4-H
– Lindsay East-Central Championship Show: 2nd-open, 10th-4-H
– TD Classic: 5th- 4-H
– The Royal: 35th- open, 5th- 4-H


Embrdale Finesse Federal

Dam: Embdale Tequila Dundee EX-90

DOB: Oct.7th, 2015

Erin’s 2016 4-H Calf
– Summer Show: 10th-open, 3rd- 4-H
– Peterborough Exhibition: 5th-open, 3rd- 4-H
– Peterborough County: 2nd- County, 1st- 4-H
– Autumn Opportunity: 12th- open, 3rd- 4-H
– Lindsay East-Central Championship Show: 1st-open, 3rd-4-H
– TD Classic: 1st- 4-H
– The Royal: 40th-open, 6th- 4-H
– All-Ontario 4-H Senior Calf 2016
– Nominated All-Canadian 4-H Senior Calf 2016


Embrdale Genevieve Millenium

Dam: Embrdale August Shottle EX-90

DOB: Jan.23rd, 2016

Rebecca’s 4-H Calf
– Peterborough Exhibition: 11th-open, 3rd- 4-H, 8th- County
– Autumn Opportunity: 11th-open
– Lindsay East-Central Championship Show: 11th- showmanship, 8th-open
– Norwood Fair: 1st-open, 1st-4-H, Honourable Mention Overall
– 4-H Achievement Day: 1st- showmanship, 1st-conformation